Olive Oil Fat Washed Gin


-4oz Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-750ml Gin

In a large jar combine gin and olive oil. Seel with a lid and shake vigorously. Let sit for 24hrs in a dark room temp spot. Shake every so often. Place in the freezer after the 24hrs to solidify the olive oil. Remove from the freezer, take the lid off, and remove the now solid disk of olive oil. Grab a clean jar, place a fine mesh strainer with a coffee filter in it over the top, filter the gin in to the clean jar, and seel. Ready to use when ever you are ready.

Notes: I like to use a funnel and strain it back in to its original bottle and use a sharpie to label it with “EVO” so I remember what it is. I also don’t always fat wash an entire bottle. You can half this recipe or even quarter it very easily for a smaller batch.


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