Yule log Flip

Happy Sunday! I chose to be a day late on Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails so that I could enjoy my younger cousin marry the love of his life. I wont go in to details about the ceremony, except the seeing my cousin trying to hold back tears of pure happiness as he watched his beautiful bride walk down the isle warmed my heart and filled me with so much happiness. I hope everyone can forgive me and I will be releasing two cocktails today though to catch up! The first will be my Yule Log Flip!

If you don’t know what a flip is, it’s probably because the concept of a flip came about because a long time ago beer and spirits were like drinking paint thinner and today beer is an art form. To mask how terrible beer was it would be combined with a spirit (typically rum), sugar, and an egg (yolk and white) in order to create a creamy more palatable drink. While not necessary to enjoy beer anymore a flip is a delicious cocktail made more pleasurable with todays high quality brews! Enjoy!

1oz Korbel Brandy

0.5oz Creme de Cocoa

0.25oz Spiced Syrup

1oz Cold Coffee

1 Whole Egg

12oz Can New Holland Brewing Co. Dragon’s Milk White

Garnish: Ground Nutmeg

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add everything except the beer. Shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Strain everything but the ice in to a tall glass and slowly top off with beer. Be careful not to go so fast it overflows. Garnish with a healthy shake of nutmeg. Serve and enjoy!

Notes; New Holland Brewing Co. is a great brewery based in Holland, Michigan famous for their Dragon’s Milk Brew. There are multiple versions, but the important concept is that each one is aged in a spirit barrel, mainly bourbon, and they are delicious! I used the Dragon’s Milk White because it’s a light stout both in flavor in potency (6% ABV). If you prefer more depth and a stronger drink you can switch it out for the original Dragon’s Milk, but drink safely since its 11% without the addition of brandy. You all use other bourbon barrel aged stouts, they are pretty popular these days, just note that others might not have the distance coffee undertones found in Dragons Milk.

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