Backyard Punch


-1oz Drambuie

-1oz Rabbit Hole Kentucky Straight Bourbon

-1oz Lemon Juice

-1 Dash Aromatic Bitters

-4oz Red Branch Raspberry Cider

-Garnish: Lemon Peel and Straw

Fill a tall glass half way with ice and set aside. In a mixing glass add ice and pour in the drambuie, bourbon, lemon juice, and bitters. Using a mixing spoon stir until just incorporated and chilled. Place a strainer over the mixing glass and strain over the clean glass filled with fresh ice. Top off with the raspberry cider and garnish with lemon peel and straw.

Notes: You can use any Kentucky straight bourbon. I would refrain from anything super expressive (such as bourbons aged in sherry or rum casks). You can also use a different brand of raspberry cider I just love Red Branch because it is local to me. If you are having a party you can easily make this a batch cocktail! Adjustments are below.

Batch Punch:

-8oz Drambuie

-8oz Bourbon

-8oz Lemon Juice

-8 Dashes Aromatic Bitters

-2 Bottles Red Branch Raspberry Cider

Dump everything in a pitcher with ice.

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