Im so happy you decided to visit The Unpretentious Wine Enthusiast! I decided to start this blog because of my love for everything wine, spirits, beer, and food. Before we get in to that, I would like to share a story with you. It’s a story of an everyday girl trapped in an everyday world.

That girl was me, Ally, and that world is one I’m sure everyone is all too familiar with. It’s a world dictated by high expectations, obligation, and anxiety of failing. I’ve always been a passionate and creative person, but kept it to myself because I was ruled by a sense of obligation to have a 9-5 job, make money, and pay my dues.

27… going on 28 years, and life was just missing something. It was missing a sense of happiness and belonging. My only escape from all of this pressure was my kitchen. Releasing all of that passion in to a new drink, a bottle of wine, making a feast to pair with it, and unloading all the research I did and knowledge I had on my friends and family.

One day over drinks with one of my best friends, I was sharing with her a new cocktail I had crafted and gushing about how excited I was about new bitters I had purchased, she told me how much she loved listening to me talk about my concoctions, wine and spirit facts, and stories. She discussed that her experiences at wineries or high end bars were usually met with feelings of being unwelcome or looked down upon because she wasn’t an expert or “snob”. This moment gave birth to The Unpretentious Wine Enthusiast!

This is a space for anyone and everyone, no matter their circumstances, to enjoy a good drink! Want to learn about a wine, spirit, or beer? Want to read about the fascinating history of alcohol or mixology? Maybe you just want to make a really good drink or find a wine to pair with your dinner? I will be sharing all of that here! My goal is to share all my creations, favorite products, research, and experiences with the everyday drinker. Now lets grab a drink! Cin Cin!



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